Monday, June 7, 2010

Dice Box (Part 1)

We have been playing more and more D-n-D on the weekends with our friends, its been fun getting nerdy and learning to play a new game. Awhile back I made Gary a box to hold all of his dice and DM stuff, I used  a cigar box, some small cardboard boxes, lots of paint and random pictures I found. Needless to say he really liked it, but now I am starting to get a little jealous that he has a box and I don't; so I started to make one for myself.

I had another cigar box in the craft supplies- so I started with that as the base for my box.

I liked the border on the box, but not the image, so I taped off the border in masking tape and painted the rest of the box black:

I like how the border contrasts with the black paint:

Then I added a couple of skulls to the front, I figured it a good time to use some googly eyes, and I created d6 from a glass cube bead for the other eye. I bought a random bag of beads and charms recently and there was this awesome charm of skeleton keys, I thought it would make a good monocle!
Then I took some scrabble tiles and put my name on the top. (its amazing how many weird things I found at my apartment building in Seattle.. the bag of scrabble tiles was among them)
I plan on painting the inside and adding a little more randomness to the whole thing . I will post more pictures once it is finished.

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  1. Hey Melissa, Cool DnD box! I love SCRABBLE tiles too!
    enjoy the buttons (: brenda