Thursday, October 13, 2011

Vintage Lovin'

Hello there!
Wow.. two posts in two days! I must not be feeling well or something.. or wait.. I'm not, I caught the office plague and am sitting at home in bed a little loopy from the cough meds.Since I can't fall asleep yet I figured I would write another blog post and finally post some of the pictures that have been sitting on my computer for awhile (possibly some new ones too :D)
so lets see the goodies I have acquired in the past few months...

My Husband made me this AWESOME owl candle using a vintage mold that I found. It also came with a mushroom mold. I love it and can't bring myself to burn it!

 On a recent outing I got a big bag of costume jewelry bits & bobs after untangling all the  broken necklaces I found this amazing vintage sweater clip! Its two swallows that have itty bitty rhinestones inlaid on them and they are attached by two chains. It is in perfect condition and I can't wait to wear it!
I also got a bunch of cool brooches. the two in the picture are a Bee and a Wasp. I'm a little annoyed that people actually bit the pearl on the bee to see if it was real (its obvious that it is not) so there are some dimples in it, but other than that they are both in perfect condition! I love collecting bee stuff like this since my name translates to Honeybee in Greek :)

The butterfly pin is kinda ugly/cool I am not sure how I feel about it yet. I grabbed the other two pins cause I thought they were pretty, they could possibly be vintage, they look older, but there are no maker's marks on them so it is hard to tell. They have good style though :)

Can I just say that I love these heels?? too bad they almost fit me! made me a very sad panda :( They are a black satin(ish) pair of Deliso Deb high heels from the 50s/60s era and they are in perfect condition!! there is some wear on the bottom considering their age, but they are still really wearable.  I plan on listing them in my etsy store, so if you like them.. check for them there!

I have also had a boon in kitchsy craft/cake/cookbooks lately and this one is no exception. Its the Pictorial Encyclopedia of Modern Cake Decorating  by McKinley Wilton & Norman Wilton. Looks like it is the 5th edition printed in 1968! it has some great basic frosting/decorating techniques, but it also has the crazy 60s cakewrecks that I love so much! I can't wait to recreate some of these (I did just get a wilton clown pan...)

Clown cake anyone?

Ideas for cupcakes.. that snowman...he seems a bit.. well... yea :)

Just a few of the mushroom canisters that I collect :)

The mushroom candle that Gary made me (came with the same mold as the owl)

Teacup Candle!

Record cuff

Record Label coaster

Push pins I made almost a year ago for a craft swap! I am really bad about posting crap that I make!


Awesome handmade dress from the 60s!!
Available on my etsy store $40

Totally Rad handmade 80s party Dress!
Available at my etsy store $25

I have lots of other vintage goodies in my etsy store ranging in eras from the 50s-80s along with custom embroidery pieces. You should check it out!! 
I think that's it for today, the meds are starting to work and it's time for sleep.

<3 and cough meds,

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Craft Swap Goodness

Dang, its been so long since my last post.. but, I've been a busy bee! The husband got a job (in a faraway place 4 hours away that has birds on things) so we had to get him moved into an apartment, I completed 2 more customs pieces, completed 2 craft swaps and am participating in another one right now.. so needless to say my poor little blog has been neglected once again. But I did make her pretty with a new layout and background... you like?

now onto the goodies..

I participated in a Portals and Friends swap on Craftster (Check out the full gallery here) and ended up with two partners. We were set up 'round robin' style and decided that on top of making the main crafts for our assigned partners, we would make a small 'thank you' gift for the person making our crafts since we weren't swaping directly.

My Partner said that she wanted stuff for her kitchen, so I took that idea and ran with it:

Portals Apron

Portal's apron with Cake!

Turret Mini Potholder

Turret mini-potholder

Portals warning sign Potholder

Warning sign Potholder

Aperture Science Logo

Aperture Science Logo in Portal colors

I had a lot of fun playing with the different themes and adapting them to kitchen stuff, my partner said she really loved glaDOS and the warning signs so I tried to use that as the main focus. For other partner I wanted to make something with a potaDOS or a Cave Johnson quote and ended up making this:

GlaDOS potato baker bag

Its a potaDOS potato baker bag! if you don't know the magic of a potato baker bag I suggest you educate yourself quick like! I got one at a craft fair held at the senior center by my house and it is the most amazing thing, ever, perfect 'baked' potatoes in the microwave that are fluffy and don't have rubbery gross skin. You can bet I will be making another one for myself.
I based the bag off a free pattern found here
I made the glaDOS potato pattern myself and embroidered it on the bag before I put it together.

The Cake is a Lie!

I also made another "the cake is a lie" embroidery pieces because my partner said it was one of her fave quotes from the game. I think this one is better than the first one I made a few months ago :)

I got some pretty awesome sauce crafts in return!

Alchamy513 sent me these amazing crocheted beauties:

Cake and a companion cube!! Two of my fave things in the game. She did an amazing job!!! I also got a lemon "grenade" and lemon hand soap... :P

YumJello sent me an awesome embroidered hoop and bracelet to me as well, it is going on the hoopla wall for sure. Who doesn't love the companion cube? I mean, it will never threaten to stab you so that means its awesome right?

I love the applique and the colors! she did an great job on both of the pieces!

The next craft swap that I was in was the Phat Quarter Fifth Friday of Fabulousness Swap (check out Phat Quarter here) the theme was Food! So after a lot of messages and realizations that my partner and I were pretty much of similar tastes Jackson,my partner, (go check out her blog, after you are done here of course) let me choose whatever for her. After reading her blog, I narrowed it down to either something godfather related, robots, or a vintage pattern. Since she already had some godfather embroidered quotes in her etsy store I didn't really want to go that route...and I couldn't find any good robot food references other than using humans or gas as fuel and none of the pictures I came across I liked. so I busted out my giant box of vintage embroidery transfers and grabbed this vintage aunt martha pattern:
OH Yea :)

I love it! It totally reminds me of the Kool-aid man, I just hope that Jackson can put it to good use :D

Ponyinarope is the person who was making a piece for me, and she more than delivered!!! I told her that I loved ugly vintage stuff, cadbury mini eggs, and the food ads from the fallout video games (among other things) and this is what she made for me:
Chocolate Eggs

HOW AMAZING IS THAT PIECE??? I love it so much. The bunny.. the mini eggs.. my name!! She does amazing work, you should check out her blog here!

and I will end it on that folks. I hope you like the new blog. I am going to try and do better about blogging more... hopefully :) Up next... I talk about being featured on Mr. X Stitch and Geek Crafts and show off some of the awesome vintage finds that have come my way lately. stay tuned.


Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Nerdy Threads!

So.. I got a wild idea to try my hand at embroidery. But I couldn't just do any type of embroidery, I wanted to do some geeky embroidery (still plan to use my vintage patterns one day) so I made these:
Master Shake
"Hey Baby, wanna kill all humans?" -Bender
(this was my 2nd try at embroidery! and he is holding a gun if you are wondering)

Why not Zoidberg Jesus?
Henchman No.21 (and birthday present for Beth!)
Toad :D
The Cake is a lie.
Pip Boy
Bioshock Propaganda Poster
Plan to do a series of these...
Daria and Jane (and my first try at using regular thread)
My crafty mind
this came from a project found at this awesome website called The Graphics Fairy you should check it out!
Pepsi Logo (mother's day present for my mom.. she is awesome!)
Led Zeppelin runes (housewarming present)

Babylon 5 patch for my hubby

This was my first try at embroidery. I am going to go back and fill it in and then attach it to a scrapbook  that is the perfect Tardis blue :D.

I am really happy with how all of these turned out, and am proud that they look so good for me being a beginner. I only started this 3 weeks ago! I have been churning these out like a madwoman, so expect another photo heavy post soon! Just bought 36 embroidery hoops to create a display wall in my house and am showing a bunch of these at an art show at my work next month. Can't wait to make a bunch more, it's a my new addiction... :D

Edit (7/5/11)
I've added custom embroidery pieces to my etsy store! check it out!
Want a custom piece.. click here!

and you can keep up with all my new pieces before they get posted here on my deviantART account here:

also.. Hi everyone from Geek Crafts! I'm super excited to have been featured.. I hope you enjoyed my nerdy threads..please come back soon to see all my new pieces :)
Geek Crafts!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Violet Sedan Chair

All of our searching paid off!!! multiple days days of going to the record store and hoping one would magically appear we found the Violet Sedan Chair album "Seven Suns"! it was found at Easy Street Records in West Seattle on 1/19/2011.

so excited! we will post audio and higher res pictures within the next couple of days. I have to say this has very special meaning to me, not only do I love the TV show fringe, but I am a record collector having owned turntables since I was 14 and have been hoarding records since I was a kid (totally annoyed my parents by wanting to play their albums.. Pink Floyd was a fave). Kudos to JJ Abrams for giving me a record that I truly love!