Thursday, October 13, 2011

Vintage Lovin'

Hello there!
Wow.. two posts in two days! I must not be feeling well or something.. or wait.. I'm not, I caught the office plague and am sitting at home in bed a little loopy from the cough meds.Since I can't fall asleep yet I figured I would write another blog post and finally post some of the pictures that have been sitting on my computer for awhile (possibly some new ones too :D)
so lets see the goodies I have acquired in the past few months...

My Husband made me this AWESOME owl candle using a vintage mold that I found. It also came with a mushroom mold. I love it and can't bring myself to burn it!

 On a recent outing I got a big bag of costume jewelry bits & bobs after untangling all the  broken necklaces I found this amazing vintage sweater clip! Its two swallows that have itty bitty rhinestones inlaid on them and they are attached by two chains. It is in perfect condition and I can't wait to wear it!
I also got a bunch of cool brooches. the two in the picture are a Bee and a Wasp. I'm a little annoyed that people actually bit the pearl on the bee to see if it was real (its obvious that it is not) so there are some dimples in it, but other than that they are both in perfect condition! I love collecting bee stuff like this since my name translates to Honeybee in Greek :)

The butterfly pin is kinda ugly/cool I am not sure how I feel about it yet. I grabbed the other two pins cause I thought they were pretty, they could possibly be vintage, they look older, but there are no maker's marks on them so it is hard to tell. They have good style though :)

Can I just say that I love these heels?? too bad they almost fit me! made me a very sad panda :( They are a black satin(ish) pair of Deliso Deb high heels from the 50s/60s era and they are in perfect condition!! there is some wear on the bottom considering their age, but they are still really wearable.  I plan on listing them in my etsy store, so if you like them.. check for them there!

I have also had a boon in kitchsy craft/cake/cookbooks lately and this one is no exception. Its the Pictorial Encyclopedia of Modern Cake Decorating  by McKinley Wilton & Norman Wilton. Looks like it is the 5th edition printed in 1968! it has some great basic frosting/decorating techniques, but it also has the crazy 60s cakewrecks that I love so much! I can't wait to recreate some of these (I did just get a wilton clown pan...)

Clown cake anyone?

Ideas for cupcakes.. that snowman...he seems a bit.. well... yea :)

Just a few of the mushroom canisters that I collect :)

The mushroom candle that Gary made me (came with the same mold as the owl)

Teacup Candle!

Record cuff

Record Label coaster

Push pins I made almost a year ago for a craft swap! I am really bad about posting crap that I make!


Awesome handmade dress from the 60s!!
Available on my etsy store $40

Totally Rad handmade 80s party Dress!
Available at my etsy store $25

I have lots of other vintage goodies in my etsy store ranging in eras from the 50s-80s along with custom embroidery pieces. You should check it out!! 
I think that's it for today, the meds are starting to work and it's time for sleep.

<3 and cough meds,


  1. wow! Lots of goodies!! I adore bees too. I'm deathly allergic to bees but I think they are such beautiful, interesting creatures.

  2. I actually am deathly scared of real bees and wasps.. but I agree they are pretty dang awesome. Without them, we wouldn't have food.. isn't that crazy?