Wednesday, June 23, 2010

The God Particle

The awesome scientists over at CERN have taken the experiments they are running and have turned them into music!
check it out here:

its creepy and awesome!
read about it here:

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Crocheted Hello Kitty Purse

Hey, I'm Beth, I'm the other person who sometimes posts on this blog. =D

My adorable little niece Nova had her 5th birthday the other day. I made her a crocheted Hello Kitty purse with snaps to adjust the strap!

Nova is awesome, and so she requires awesome gifts for her birthday.

First I made two faces.

Then I made a strap.

As I attached the faces to the strap off center so that one side was almost twice as long as the other and so that the strap was also the sides and bottom of the purse, I embroidered the eyes and nose on the faces of the kitties.

I added three snaps to the strap so that it could be adjusted.


Saturday, June 12, 2010

Craft Crack!

Looky! I got some awesome vintage buttons, buckles and a hat box! I frequent a site called, on this site people offer items they want to get rid of for free. These items came from a very nice lady named Brenda and I can't wait to make some awesome office supplies from the buttons (thinking push pins and maybe decor on a bulletin board). Since I have an idea to decorate the spare room in art deco/vintage the box will fit perfectly. Many Thanks to Brenda!

I love the button making set!

Monday, June 7, 2010

Dice Box (Part 1)

We have been playing more and more D-n-D on the weekends with our friends, its been fun getting nerdy and learning to play a new game. Awhile back I made Gary a box to hold all of his dice and DM stuff, I used  a cigar box, some small cardboard boxes, lots of paint and random pictures I found. Needless to say he really liked it, but now I am starting to get a little jealous that he has a box and I don't; so I started to make one for myself.

I had another cigar box in the craft supplies- so I started with that as the base for my box.

I liked the border on the box, but not the image, so I taped off the border in masking tape and painted the rest of the box black:

I like how the border contrasts with the black paint:

Then I added a couple of skulls to the front, I figured it a good time to use some googly eyes, and I created d6 from a glass cube bead for the other eye. I bought a random bag of beads and charms recently and there was this awesome charm of skeleton keys, I thought it would make a good monocle!
Then I took some scrabble tiles and put my name on the top. (its amazing how many weird things I found at my apartment building in Seattle.. the bag of scrabble tiles was among them)
I plan on painting the inside and adding a little more randomness to the whole thing . I will post more pictures once it is finished.

Friday, June 4, 2010

Hide the kittens...

...because Alf is on the loose!

I found these curtains at a thrift store in Montana when we were on our honeymoon and finally got around to hanging them up. I loves them! I put them craft/spare/Pinko's room, I like that it gives some privacy and allows more light in than the wooden blinds that are currently on the window.

Bottle Cap Laptop Table

I have this set of 4 TV Tray tables, we use them a lot and it got me thinking.. what can I do to jazz these up? Mainly we were using the tables for the laptop, problem being the laptop would over heat. So I get this great idea to use all the bottle caps that I have been saving to create a table top that would let air flow under the laptop and allow it to stay cool.

I started off by putting down a layer of duct tape (one of my favorite things in the world!):

Then I got the hot glue gun out and started gluing all of the bottle caps down, it totally killed my fingers because you have to fill the entire bottom of the cap up so it will stick to the table! I also added little bits and bobs to make it interesting, you can't really see it in the picture, but there is a skull and a NIN button included in the design. Also there were some beer caps that have a "rock, paper or scissors" printed on the inside, so I turned those upside down so the graphics would show. All in all I think it turned out pretty well. Gary and Travis both like to use this table. Mainly just Travis these days since our laptop died!

The Finished Product:

Our Panda Girl

I'm Testing out this bloggy thingamajig and thought the best thing for my first post would be some pictures of our little Panda Pup.

Here she is at 3 months fast asleep:
And under the dresser:

Here she is at 5 months, you won't believe how hard it is to get a good picture of a wiggly dog!

Hope that gave you a moment of 'AWWWWW' cause we have one all the time and really love our little panda girl!