Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Nerdy Threads!

So.. I got a wild idea to try my hand at embroidery. But I couldn't just do any type of embroidery, I wanted to do some geeky embroidery (still plan to use my vintage patterns one day) so I made these:
Master Shake
"Hey Baby, wanna kill all humans?" -Bender
(this was my 2nd try at embroidery! and he is holding a gun if you are wondering)

Why not Zoidberg Jesus?
Henchman No.21 (and birthday present for Beth!)
Toad :D
The Cake is a lie.
Pip Boy
Bioshock Propaganda Poster
Plan to do a series of these...
Daria and Jane (and my first try at using regular thread)
My crafty mind
this came from a project found at this awesome website called The Graphics Fairy you should check it out!
Pepsi Logo (mother's day present for my mom.. she is awesome!)
Led Zeppelin runes (housewarming present)

Babylon 5 patch for my hubby

This was my first try at embroidery. I am going to go back and fill it in and then attach it to a scrapbook  that is the perfect Tardis blue :D.

I am really happy with how all of these turned out, and am proud that they look so good for me being a beginner. I only started this 3 weeks ago! I have been churning these out like a madwoman, so expect another photo heavy post soon! Just bought 36 embroidery hoops to create a display wall in my house and am showing a bunch of these at an art show at my work next month. Can't wait to make a bunch more, it's a my new addiction... :D

Edit (7/5/11)
I've added custom embroidery pieces to my etsy store! check it out!
Want a custom piece.. click here!

and you can keep up with all my new pieces before they get posted here on my deviantART account here:

also.. Hi everyone from Geek Crafts! I'm super excited to have been featured.. I hope you enjoyed my nerdy threads..please come back soon to see all my new pieces :)
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