Friday, December 10, 2010

My new purple dining room!

I have a new dining room! I had purple paint left over from the bathroom painting and decided to cover the ugly brown that was in my dining room. It was this color because we had planned on selling the house at one point, but the living room/dining room/kitchen were all different colors. There is a local place here that recycles paint and they offer free cans of paint to the public. Its pretty rad. but the only bulk color we could get was this:
Pretty boring right?

So after a couple of coats I got this:

I think it looks so much better! When we went to california to visit my parents I raided my mom's picture frame supply and used my dad's nice photo printer to get a bunch of pictures of the family and the wedding. Using the bounty I got from them (and our car was PACKED! poor panda, she was stuffed in the back)...I made a photo "collage" of sorts on the wall then to finish up my decorating I added some of the masks/decorations from the wedding and got this pretty memory wall!:
I love it! on the other side of the room I have a vintage china cabinet/hutch that I got for a steal at $25! (sorry its a blurry pic):

I collect skulls and other random stuff, so I have dedicated a whole shelf to my collection:

 My good friend made me this Shadow box as a wedding present. She lives far away from me (sad face) so couldn't attend. To show you just how close we are, she liked the background of this shadow box so she thought she would use it, well little did she know I used the same exact stuff (in plastic goodie bag form) at the wedding! I thought that was pretty rad and I love the shadow box! Thanks Hannelore!
My wedding cake topper! It was perfect... I really should blog about the wedding. Beth and I made a bunch of really cool stuff...
Now onto holiday baking, completing a blog about the craft exchange I just participated in and the awesome festivus stockings that Beth and I made!

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