Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Nerdy Dice Boxes

In addition to the box I made for myself, wanted to make a couple of dice boxes for our friends; Austin and Travis. I had a lot of fun figuring out what each of them would like and in the end I think I did a pretty good job :).

Austin likes purple and stripes.. so I went with that theme for his.


Then I added stripes:

And for good measure a swirl to the lid:

I didn't get the best picture of it, but I lined the lid in this really pretty purple/black brocade paper:

I like the colors on Austins box, and it was super simple to make, just a couple of coats of paint and a little creative use of masking tape. The picture doesn't do much justice for the swirl on the top, but I used a really pretty metallic purple for it.

For Travis, I thought he might like duct tape and pirates, so I grabbed a tin that someone at my work had left in the coffee room (yea free craft stuff, saved something from a landfill and I got to turn it in to something useful!) I was looking for a more gray/black color scheme (the tin was originally fire engine red) so I glued a piece of card stock to the front and covered the rest in duct tape:
I added a skull/swords to the front:

On the inside I thought I would put Travis' most favorite animal.. a cat:

And another one on the very bottom:
(hey Travis... cats are everywhere!)
I filled both with a few mechanical pencils, a notebook and an eraser. I was happy with my mostly Instant Nerd gifts, not to mention I got to play with duct tape!

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  1. missa i love that wall you did an excellent job i love the color i bet it makes the whole room pop you have your moms creative side aunt cindi would of said you go girl!